Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  If you are thinking about having your wedding at  historic Orient Congregational Church, we hope this page will answer some of your questions.  


 The United Church of Christ is a Mainline Protestant denomination formed 61 years ago out of several smaller Christian groups. Today it is a denomination of approximately 2 million people in the United States. At Orient Congregational Church, our members come from many backgrounds: Roman Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran, Congregationalist, Baptist, and Jewish, to name a few.  



Anyone who has a valid marriage license issued by a township or city in New York State may be married in Orient Congregational Church. 



1.  Call the Church at (631) 323-2665 to discuss available dates.  You will need to speak directly to the Pastor, Rev. Dr. Ann Van Cleef.  Please note:  Dr. Van Cleef officiates at all weddings at Orient Congregational Church.  If you have a special friend or relative who is a clergyperson, we will work with you to include that person in the ceremony. 


2.  Schedule an appointment with Dr. Van Cleef.   This meeting will last approximately two hours.  We will learn a bit about one another, discuss your future marriage, and begin planning the wedding.  We do not do "cookie cutter" weddings.  We want you to have a wedding that is unique and meaningful to you. 


3.  Obtain the marriage license.  You are responsible for all obtaining a valid marriage license from a township or city in the State of New York, and giving it to the Pastor before the wedding.  Know that a blood test is no longer required in New York State.  However, the townshop or city will require proof of identity, an original Social Security card, and divorce papers if applicaple.  Both parties must appear together to sign the affidavit for the license.


The license is not valid until 24 hours have passed.  After that, it is valid for 60 days.  Please do not wait until the last minute to obtain your marriage license.  Call your Town Clerk or City Clerk ahead of time to find out exactly what is required.    


4.  Wedding Music.  It is the policy of our church that the church organist plays for all weddings that utilize the organ.  Couples are welcome to invite their own soloists and other musicians to take part in the service.    



Once you have set the wedding date, you should contact a florist to discuss floral arrangements for the sanctuary.  It is the responsibility of the florist to arrange the flowers on the altar.  Please have the florist contact us the week before the wedding so we can arrange to have the church building unlocked prior to the ceremony.



If your wedding is to be a small one, you may want to consider holding it outdoors in our lovely prayer garden (weather permitting).



Our church was built in 1843.  The style of the day was to have two aisles.  Normally, the bridal party enters on the west aisle and leaves on the east aisle.  Aisle runners are not needed, and would be an unnecessary expense for you. 



If you wish to include the Unity Candle Ceremony as part of your wedding, it is the responsibility of the wedding couple to purchase the candle, two tapers, and the candlesticks. 



It is not necessary to have a printed program.  If a program is desired, it is the responsibility of the wedding couple to have programs printed.  The Pastor will assist with the Order of Worship.



Throwing confetti, silk flowers, birdseed, or rice is not permitted.  Bubbles are acceptable.  Please make sure these items are distributed to the guests outside the church after the ceremony.  



Photographs and video are permitted during the marriage ceremony.  Please ask your photographer to use common sense.  Most professional photographers know how to take good photographs without making a nuisance of themselves.  Following the wedding ceremony, the wedding party may be posed for additional pictures.  Know that there is a Memorial Garden and a Prayer Garden on the church grounds that are quite conducive for lovely photographs. 



Our wedding coordinator is invaluable on the day of your wedding.  She is in charge of details, and insures that the bride's wishes are fulfilled on her special day.  The coordinator is present at the rehearsal as well as at the wedding ceremony.  She handles emergencies, meets the florist, and trains the ushers in their duties, among other things.  If your wedding includes over 75 people (party and guests combined) the coordinator is required.   



A rehearsal will be scheduled for one or two days before the ceremony, and should take place before the rehearsal dinner.  Please know that alcoholic beverages are not permitted on church grounds.  Any "partying" in the parking lot will result in the rehearsal being canceled.  Please note that there is no smoking on church grounds.


All members of the wedding party should be present, as well as the parents of the bride, readers, and soloists.  The rehearsal will last about an hour.  Being on time for the rehearsal AND THE WEDDING is imperative, as the minister and organist do have other commitments.  Please be sure to bring the license and your fees to the rehearsal. 





Organist:          $150

Custodian:        $ 75 for indoor wedding, $100 for outdoor wedding, due to chair set-up

Coordinator:     $ 75 (A coordinator is needed for weddings of 75 guests or more.)

Church             $300 donation

Minister             $350 on-site, $450 off-site.  There will be a surcharge if the minister needs to

                         spend additional time with a professional wedding planner.  



Organist:          $150

Custodian:        $ 75

Coordinator:     $ 75 (A coordinator is needed for weddings of 75 guests or more.)

Church:            No donation required

Minister:           No honorarium required 


PLEASE NOTE: All fees should be payable in cash and placed in envelopes appropriately marked (organist, custodian, etc.) and given at the rehearsal along with the license.  The church donation may be paid by check.

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